Saturday, June 11, 2011

Pie Charts

This pie chart shows that the number of bully victims is much higher than the number of bullies.

This pie chart shows that the percent of students/peers getting involved is higher than the percent of adults getting involved but the percent of no one getting involved is much higher than all of them.

Problem Statement

Bullying is a very serious problem. Wether it's physical or verbal. If someone is being hit or pushed or if they're getting called names it's a serious problem. Suicide has become the top 3rd cause of death. Thousands of teens are scared to go to school and some people can't take the fear, or the bullying anymore that they go home and kill themselves. Teens should not be taking their life away because someone is calling them names, hitting, pushing, or punching them.


1. Bullies
One person that is standing in our way to success is a bully. A bully is the main person that is causing this all to happen.

2. Teachers/Schools
Most teachers see bullying happen but just sit and watch without doing anything to help. Teachers must get involved when seeing bullying, and the schools should start an organization to spread the awareness of bullying and how serious it is.

Call for Action

1.Have you been bullied?
2.By who?
3.Did you tell someone?
4.Why were you bullied?

15/16 students have been bullied.
15/16 students have been bullied by other students.
1/16 students has been bullied at home/by a family member.
8/16 students haven't told anyone about them being bullied.
8/16 students have told someone about them being bullied.
2/16 students have told someone but the adult didn't do anything about it.
2/16 students has been bullied because they were gay.
6/16 students have been bullied because of their appearance.
8/16 students have been bullied for no reason.

Thursday, June 2, 2011


The 5 problems I must overcome to achieve this goal is:

~ Getting the teachers involved, because many of the teachers see the students being bullied but they do nothing about it.

~ Getting the students to report bullying when they see it, many students are seeing other students being bullied but they are too scared to say anything.

~ Convincing students it all goes away and everything gets better with time, and if they wait they will be glad they didn't do something stupid.

~ Stopping bullying and stopping people from becoming bullies.

~ Stopping teens from committing suicide, teens need to stop taking their life away because everything goes away and their life will get better and later on they will be glad they didn't commit suicide.


Mission - Ideal Solution

Bullying is a big problem that affects a lot of teens, and for many reasons.Three-fourths of all teens say they have been bullied. Being bullied can make teens feel unsafe and unhappy. Usually ending in a very bad way, with teens committing suicide.
When someone is being bullied it makes them not want to come to school. Bullying can make their school a place that causes fear and can result in violence. We need to stop bullying because it is ending in a really bad way and teens should not be taking their life away because of being hit, threatened, or any other types of bullying. The percentages of teens being bullied and the percentages of suicides from bullying must go down because they are rapidly increasing. Also teacher must get more involved, most teacher sit back and let this happen.